Superior Designs. Special Machines.

Asmach Engineering is a superior designer of special machines. Asmach has extensive experience in automatic assembly, metal cutting, and gage and test machines.

With over 31 years experience in automatic assembly, metal cutting and gage and test machines, Asmach has successfully completed extensive engine, transmission, and rear axle assembly projects. In addition, Asmach has designed railroad axle and wheel turning machines, head assembly, oil and water pump assembly machines and leak test equipment for all types of parts.

The current staffing at Asmach brings the resourcing capability of over 300 engineering hours per week. Asmach makes extensive use of Autocad 2002 for all drawings. Asmach is capable of seeing a project through all phases; including, assembly line processing, machine designing, and plant floor trouble shooting.

Asmach Engineering has been in business since 1972 and their list of clients include: ABB Flexible Automation, ICA Cinetic Automation, Johann A. Krause, Utica Assembly Systems, Trio Tool Company, Leonard Machine Tool Systems, Lamb Technicon, Coltec and Ford Motor Company.

Asmach is ISO Q9001-2000 registered which is a strong indicator as to the commitment to quality of engineering and it’s importance to the company. Asmach customers rate them the best of the engineering companies they use relative to errors, overall job appearance and on time deliverables.

If you would like to learn more about how Asmach’s capabilities can create positive solutions for your engineering needs, please contact James See, Vice President Asmach Engineering.

4461 24 Mile Road • Shelby Township, MI 48316
248 650-2880 phone • 248 650-3165 fax